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We provide the flower party like Blue Apron™ delivers Tuesday’s dinner.

You get the flowers, supplies, how-to videos and party tips delivered to your door — so you can get the Flower Party™ started.


Get that group text going and choose a date for your flower party. We offer Flower Parties for 2, 6, 10, or 14 friends and deliver weekly. Just choose your party size and delivery date.


Think of us like Blue Apron™, delivering party kits with everything you need to throw a flower arranging fête with friends. We include everything except scissors. We make it easy, so you can be the life of the party. 


Magic happens when we create together. Our how-to videos will give the whole party the confidence to nail it and get everyone sippin’ their cocktails along the way.

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DIY Flower Crown | Flower Party - Heroine Flowers
DIY Flower Crown | Flower Party - Heroine Flowers
DIY Flower Crown | Flower Party - Heroine Flowers

DIY Flower Crown | Flower Party

Create your own Summer Flower Crown!  We equip you and friends with everything you need to create flower crowns—together.

It's like Blue Apron™—for flowers. We deliver the flowers, supplies and video instructions for parties of 2, 6, 10 or 14 of your friends. Everyone gets to be the artist and create their own Flower Crown. Delivering weekly.

Our Flower Crown Flower Party Includes: 

5 different types of flowers (Shown in photos)
Flower food
Floral tape
Video tutorial & Flower party tips

Party for 2 | $38 per person
Party for 6 | $30.00 per person
Party for 10 | $24.00 per person
Party for 14 | $22.00 per person


How-to Videos To Guide And Inspire

Each Flower Party comes with a tutorial that will get the party creating and toasting along the way!

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We’re here to help you throw the best Flower Party™ for your next Girl’s Night or Bachelorette — with less effort and overwhelm. We guide you from the moment your flowers arrive and into the party.

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