A peak into our creative process + We're launching something new in August!

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We’ve been having a so much fun plotting and iterating on an upcoming launch! We can't spill about it YET! But we promise our HF insiders (email buds) will be the first people we tell. Get on the list here.

With the launch comes one of our favorite parts — the creative process and planning. This is different for us every time and we’re still figuring out (aren’t we all?) And we’d love to hear about your creative process, what do you do in the dreaming-up phase? How do you go from concept to the real thing?


First, we pull a ton of imagery! From anywhere we can find it, Pinterest, Instagram, photos we snap throughout our days. We start to take notice of the dominant colors, combinations, weights, and sentiments of the imagery we’re gravitating towards. As we start to see how each palette and theme starts to form, we can then cull through and narrow down our favorites. We love to create digital collages but lately, we've been encouraging ourselves to bust out a stack of mags and a glue stick to make it collages with our hands. 

From there we can start to see and work through the creative feel for the product we’re attempting to create. This gives us direction to guide us through other creative decisions that follow, like; types of flowers, art direction for photography and any props we might need to create the aesthetic. 

Another tool we use to help us solidify the palette is Adobe Color. We've loved this FREE tool which helps you play around with color palettes, tones and even pulls colors right from inspiration photos or mood boards. 


And that’s exactly where we are in the process! We’ve gathered our inspiration imagery, refined and collaged it and created summer palettes from each. Take a look! Have a palette that’s got you swooning? We’d love to hear about your creative process during the ideation phase?!

In case you missed it earlier, these color palettes are for something new coming to you in August! Be the first to know when we’re launching our new thang. Sign-up here, we’re dying to tell you too, so you know once we can peep, we’ll spill it all. Sign-up here for all the flower party deets.


Photo Credit: Featured Blog Photo by MaeMae Co, All Other Photos by Heroine Flowers

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