About Heroine Flowers : An Open Letter

Dear __________________ ,

This is as much a letter for you as it is a letter for myself.

So what is this all about? What's the why behind all this — this company, the flowers, cocktails and parties?

Liberation. Mine and yours. 

I'm speaking to the moments of creativity, joy, silliness you heeded without notice at an age before comparison entered in. When fun was worthy in and of itself, silliness and creativity we're unfiltered.

I started Heroine Flowers to bring myself back to my own instincts, my own creativity and my playfulness.  

Somewhere along the way I listened to comparison over creativity, and found myself years later, locked into a belief that I didn't have what others did. I fed into the belief that fun was best watered-down and kept to certain areas of my adult life—I wanted more.

This is for all of those who have felt deeply like they weren't "a creative type" or "talented enough" or for those who've gotten that paralyzing anxious feeling when you feel like you're not doing it right. And for all those who've put fun in the adult box.

Heroine Flowers is this for me. It's my own journey in getting acquainted with my creative instincts and choosing to trust in fun. By choosing these things every step of the way, I have big hopes for deeper connection in selfhood and sisterhood.



To liberating our innate creativity—together.

I want you in this.

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