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This just might be our favorite time of the year. We're still reeling from 4th of July weekend, making late-night ice cream runs a weekly thing (okay a few times a week?!) and slowing down enough to notice the fireflies and wildflowers. To us, it feels like the height of Summer and we've gotta soak up every last bit. 

Keep those Americana Summer feels high with our newest mixed tape and our top picks for a go-to Summer 6-pack. Just push play and pop a' top for your next Flower party. 

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1. Watermelon Cider | East Austin Ciders

We recently discovered East Austin Ciders and can't stop sipping and trying all. of. them. Our fav, Watermelon. Drink as is, because it's the right amount of Summery sweetness OR we think it makes a nice "mixer" with a Mexican brew or Tequila. You know, if it's a Summer Funday.



2. Cold Snacks | Montucky

When we first saw Montucky Cold Snacks on a trip through Montana, we about lost our minds. 1. We love all things snacks, even the word. Like really love it for some weird reason. 2. It has a horse and rainbows on the can. Sold. Bring this along to your next backyard together for low brow kind of good time.


3. Prickly Pear Spiked Seltzer | Bon & Viv

We've tried lots of spiked seltzers and none had us coming back for more until Bon & Viv. It's lots of fizz, little sugar and fun flavor combos. Perfect for pool time or as you're running to Girl's night.



4. Ruby Redbird Grapefruit Beer | Shiner

This is an old favorite. Shiner was one of the first grapefruit beers we loved and we keep coming back for it. It's smooth, fruity and feels like the 👌🏾summer brew. 



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Adult Friending Flower Party Mixed Tape

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