DIY Dried Flowers: A List of our Favorites + How to get Started

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Although Spring may be about all things fresh and green, we couldn't help but fall in love with the airy textures and muted tones of dried flowers. We especially love the modern update on dried arrangements, using a single Banksia stem or clustering together dried Fan Palms—so we experimented with drying our own.

Here's a few quick tips to get you started drying your own flowers. We chose flowers that are not only fail-proof but also for their textures. We were looking for more updated flowers to try over traditional dried flowers from our childhood. If you love this blog post we're releasing a video tutorial on a few trickier dried tips only to our email subscribers. Get in the know here. 

Left to Right: Lavender Statice, Yarrow, Gypsophila, Strawflower
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Our Top Dried Flower Picks

    • Pampas Grass
    • Yarrow
    • Baby’s Breath
    • Strawflower
    • Protea - Banksia, King, Queen and Pink Mink
    • Eucalyptus
    • Leucadendron
    • Fan Palms
    • Desert Yearning
    • Statice
 Left to Right: Leucadendron, Pink Mink Protea, Banksia Protea 

 Best Tips To Start Drying

  • Be sure to dry your flowers fresh, meaning take your flowers out of water before they die. This will help with any mold that could grow if they’re in water too long as well as help your flower maintain their shape.

  • Most flowers dry best when hung upside down, it helps their stems from bending at the top or flattening to one side.

  • Hang in a space that is out of direct sunlight and has low humidity.

  • You'll know when your flowers are completely dried when most stems will be able to support the bloom itself. TIP: If you feel like it needs more support you can use wire through the center of the bloom and twist it around the stem. We show you how in an upcoming video tutorial that we're releasing just to our email subscribers. Sign up to get the tutorial here

Drying flowers as given us not only a way to keep these beauties around but a new appreciation for how the flowers "bloom" in the drying process. 

We have even more tips and tricks we've discovered as we've tested a few "difficult" varieties, like Pampas Grass, Fan Palm and Strawflower. We're releasing a Dried Flower video tutorial only to our email subscribers. Get in the know here. It drops June 14th!




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