How to Make Your Flowers Last till Next Weekend

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You're having the perfect Saturday morning at the farmer’s market. You light up when you see the hand-wrapped flower bouquets, but you're instantly torn, "I love having fresh flowers in my home! But I just wish the beauties would last longer, like till my girl's night next weekend." We've got you. 

Go ahead snag that bouquet ; ) we're making flowers worth it, with our tried and tested tips to make your flowers last. 

Flower Care 101

Get squeaky clean

One of the easiest yet overlooked steps is to have a clean vase! Sounds like a small thing but mold and previous water scum can create bacteria that can clog flower stems.  Give your vase an extra scrub to make sure there’s no leftover residue or bacteria lingering — just use soap and water!

Keep things sharp

You’ve probably heard about trimming the stems before you add them to your vase but did you know it matters how clean the cut is? Cutting the stems help the stalks drink up more water, but if we use a janky pair of scissors it can actually damage stems. Cut all stems at a 45-degree angle. This angle allows optimal surface area to soak up water and nutrients as well ensures that the stem doesn’t sit “face-down” in the vase, not allowing the stem to drink water well.  

Fav Tip: We like to cut the stems all at once and then re-trim for height as we measure and arrange our flowers. For the first cut keep most of the length of the stems so you have a lot to work with when you go to arrange.

Keep an eye on the leaves

Leaves and other plant matter are culprits for bacteria. Gently pull the leaves off  ¾ of the stems leaving only the foliage you want for the arrangement near the top of the flower. 

There’s such a thing as the perfect spot

Where you choose to place your vase matters to your flowers too! Your bouquet will last longer if you keep it out of direct sunlight and heat. Another culprit for prematurely aging flowers — ripening fruits and veg. The Ethylene gas they give off can speed up the wilting process. Don’t mix with the fruit.

On being a flower parent or sitter or lover or whatever

We love the way flower and plant care has become a daily (or every other day ) ritual for us to slow down and check in our flower and plant babies and ourselves. It natural happens for us after work most weekdays and whenever we can fit it in on weekends for our flower care rituals. Here’s what we suggest for longer living bouquets. Ideally, change the water in the vase every 2 days. Recut any stems that are starting to fade to give them a boost. Pull off any completely dead or shriveled blooms to relieve the stem of delivering nutrients. 

Fav Tip: As you pull out dead flowers, retrim the other stems and transfer t several smaller bud vases. Dividing the stems that are still looking great into 2-3 smaller vases will extend the stems life AND you’ll get s few new arrangements just but reworking the flowers.

Flower Care 101 Highlights for 💪🏽Flower Life

  • Get clean and sharp. Make sure your vases are squeaky clean and your flower snips are sharp for the cutting.
  • Use cold to cool water and cut all stems at a 45-degree angle for maximum stem life.
  • Gently pull leaves off the stems to avoid creating more bacteria in the water.
  • Choose your favorite spot in the house — that’s cool, out of direct sunlight and away from fruit. 
  • Make time to make Flower Care a new ritual. Refresh water every 2 days, retrim wilting stems and as some stems start to fade, divide flowers and create several small bouquets in bud vases.

We hope these tips help you make the most out of your flowers at home! Want more of our best tips and flower know-how? We’re giving you flower tips that help everyone become the florist because we believe we should all be playing with flowers. Get monthly flower knowledge and inspiration & 15% off your first flower party. Get into our emails here.

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