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We’re all about taking self-care seriously and have been asking ourselves lately, “outside of our much-loved face masks, what does self-care look like?” We like seeing how the conversation is changing and we're sharing how flowers have changed our self-care game for good. 

If your exploring beyond the face mask, here are our favorite ways to make flowers a part of your daily rituals

Flowers + Mindfulness

If one of your goals is to cultivate mindfulness, flowers may just help you get there. We’ve found flower arranging helps bring us back to the present, to our bodies and helps calm our monkey-mind. It's contemplative yet leaves us energized.

Taking time to notice the blooms, colors and textures bring us back to the present as we thoughtfully arrange each stem.

Tips for mindful flower arranging:

  • Before you start, remember to pause to bring attention to the present moment.
  • Start by taking a thoughtful look at your flowers, which ones are you drawn to? Which stems have quirky shapes? Get up close! You’ll be amazed by the detail of a flower’s center or stamen.
  • Observe and revel in the beauty. Let yourself play around with the flowers and vases you're working with.

Remember it's all about coming back to the present so throw out any urges to “follow the rules.” 


Forage a Springtime Bouquet

The spring weather has us over-the-top excited to get out into nature and experience all that’s blooming. Walks in nature are our go-to when anxieties start creeping in.

On our walks we love noticing what's growing wild around us and foraging our own wild bouquet—it's like a little self-care adventure.

We like to keep an eye out for blooms in ditches, empty lots and we've been known to ask our neighbors/friends with overgrown yards : ). Grab a favorite gathering basket and some decent snips for your foraging outing. Read up on what’s growing in your area here

PSA - Use your best judgement when foraging, stay away from landscaped areas, parks and always leave the area cleaner than when you arrived. Look for the wild, unkept spots to do your trimming and always ask if you’re not sure.

Drink it in with Flower Essences

Our friends at Hand and Land have shared their love and wisdom of flower essences and we can't get enough.  Lotus Wei is a beautiful brand bringing taking us back to the magic of flowers.

The essences, which are flower-infused honey elixirs, are as easy and fun as adding a few drops to sparkling water.

We’re trying Radiant Energy for recharging when we've been on the computer all day and Joy Juice for when our inner child needs a boost.

 We’re also eagerly awaiting Astra Aura product release this Spring! Get on the mailing list with us to be the first to get your hands on this vibrational flower medicine. 

Daily Flower care with Intention

As we’ve learned about flower care we’ve begun to think of the daily “maintenance” of flower keeping, as a time to reset throughout the day. We’ve started to use this time to slow down, enjoy the beauty of the flower cycle as we attempt to extend its life. 

Since caring for your flowers is an every other day practice it’s a great excuse to pause and give space for mindfulness.

As your arrangement fades trim leaves, petals and flowers that are dead and re-cut the stems that still have life and give the vase some fresh water. Maybe after you get home from work you take 15 minutes to check in on your flowers and yourself. Adding a little mindful reset with flower care. You might be surprised at how long you’ll be able to extend the life of your flowers—we get an extra week out of our blooms! 


Are you already making flowers a part of your self-care?

We’d love to hear your flower rituals and how you’ve created flower space in your daily. Share the #FLWRPWR and tag us on Instagram @heroine.flowers!




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