SPRING INSPO | Dried, Light and Neutral

Posted by Kelsey Debrick on

We're exploring and getting inspired by all the Springtime light and gentle neutrals during this time of the year. We'll admit it's a little off our normal Spring color choice. We're normally somewhere in between all the quirky yellows but we're being drawn towards the subtle yet warm variations of neutrals. All this fueled the creation of this Spring's Flower Fête.

Although, dried flowers may seem like the quite opposite of Spring we love the soft colors and new play with textures. We've been exploring and testing out some new drying methods on our favorites and will be sharing next week—so you can learn the best way to immortalize your flowers. Get it right to your inbox when it drops. 


Sources in order: Hands, Dried Eucalyptus, Dried Palm, Dried Bouquet, Concrete Bench, Glasses, Dried Palms, Flower Face,






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