Crush creative block. Open up communication.

Bringing creativity and connection back into the office through our hands-on flower arranging activity for your corporate team.

Ready for action

Wasting no time for set up. Flowers are prepped for easy setup and minimal clean up.

Real-time delivery

Delivered right to your conference door, in time for your meeting. No out-of-office time needed for pick-up.

Click to play

A how-to video guides the team, rejunvates creativity and sparks new connections.

A team experience that works.

Studies show that people have 30% more innovative ideas and problem solving skills improve substantially in workplaces that include flowers.

Delivered to you. Ready for action.

We de-mystify the floral rules. Providing the prepped flowers, all supplies and a how-to video to spur creative instincts and foster connection within your team.

Seasonal Corporate Packages

Flower Arranging Experience

Your Flower Arranging team building kit includes everything; flowers for the arrangements, floral supplies, floral how-to video—delivered to your meeting.

This season's arrangement features Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging. It's minimal and whimsical approach encourages simplistic creativity and inspires everyone to create.


- All the flowers to create a complete Ikebana Arrangement
(Flowers will vary based on seasonal availability)

- All the supplies, including a metal Ikebana Kenzan, shallow Ikebana dish and floral putty.

- How-to video to guide everyone through the process

- Estimated flower arranging time 30 min

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