Tropical Flower Fête

Choose flowers party kits for 6, 10 or 14 friends. Your Flower Fête party kit includes everything for your fête — flowers for the arrangements, floral supplies and party details will be delivered right to your door.

This Flower Fête is all about those tropical beach vibes. Celebrate the summer spirit in all of us with this season's pineapple flower arrangement. We pulled together some of our favorites for this arrangement — the Protea, Monstera and Leucadendron.

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Pick the date for your Flower Fête. Your flowers will be delivered in perfect timing for your fete and at their freshest.

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We currently offer fête sizes of 6, 10 and 14 arrangements.


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It's not just the flowers, you'll also get an experience box — filled with our favorite party extras.

You'll find a signature cocktail recipe, cocktail ingredient(s) and a party playlist to set the vibe.


Delivered to you

All the flowers, supplies and party extras are delivered to your door.

We equip you with floral supplies; think wire, flower food, floral tape, etc.

Empower the party to start creating with Heroine Flowers video tutorials to inspire and set the party mood.

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